Newyork Fashion Tv S&D Corparation founded in 2016 by executive Stefano Suaros. S&D develops and and brand newest fashion trends world-wide award winners on the European continent and the the middle east such as Italy,France ,Turkey,Russian,Azerbaijan and Georgia.The company is currently working with world famous brands together and created his brands together and created his one brand as S&D for the fashion world industry. S&D established their branchs officess and School within a great capital opportunity in march 2017 in Newyork ,New Jersey, Miami , Milan, ,Paris,Turkey ,Baku ,Tiblisi and Moscow. The company develop succes bu visioning to produce world famous products and to be hogh class brand by his own S&D Brand House , S&D Productions,S&D Magazin

Country Number Opening Hours (Local Time)
NEW YORK +13472359783 from 10 am to 7 pm